Why can’t Obama be more like Mandela who sought to unify the Blacks and Whites in South Africa? One reason is there is no one else who could be Mandela. The greatness of Mandela is his attitude towards the greatness in people. Obama on the other hand seems to diminuate people.

South Africa is a gorgeous country. It has major deposits of 68 important minerals.  It is the world’s largest producer of chrome, manganese, platinum, vanadium and vermiculite. It is the second largest producerof ilmenite, (magnesium and manganese), palladium, rutile -which contains niobium and tantalum,  zirconium, platinum, tungsten and chrome, all necessary for advanced civilizations.  The climate is super-friendly to people. The land, the views and the fauna are spectacular. South Africa however is held back by politics and people. Start with the number of different cultures or tribes. Over 200 different cultures are resident in South Africa, almost 8.000 in Africa. Obama deals with Democrats, Republicans, Tea Parties and Independents. Think 200 different parties.

Mandela worked hard to transform South Africa and he did to some extent but his work is largely unfinished.

The political problems in South Africa are huge compared to other countries. Neighboring Zimbabwe has been ruled by Robert Mugube called Uncle Roo, since 1980, considered as tyrannical a dictator as has ever been spawned The ZANU-PF party’s ballot manipulation and voter intimidation is epic in the annals of corrupt elections. More than a million names on the official voting lists are for dead people or those who left Zimbabwe. Individual freedom’s are not in existence in the former Rhodesia nor is it safe for white people. Why doesn’t the world take up the case of Zimbabwe? Probably because the dictatorship is black on black, not white on black as it was in South Africa.  

Then there’s Paul Biya, president of Cameroon since 1982, .. 31 years ranked one of the worst living dictators along with Magube, Mbasango of Equatorial Guinea and Mswati of Swaziland. All black dictators in black countries.    

So what’s the problem with developing a closer association with Liberty in Africa? Why did Nelson Mandela flourish in South Africa but no similar figure appeared in the rest of Africa? Why so many dictators and tyrants in Africa? Perhaps the life of Mandela will cause discussion about the theme of freedom in Africa.  He will be eulogized in a few days by world leaders. They have it in their power to expand the work of Mandela but bet against it. 

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