The Republican Majority on the Sewage board did not perform a search to identify the cost of a solar panel or a solar panel system before they accepted a $193,050.00 bid. Why? Suggested answer: they wanted to hide something.

The actors in this issue are the three Republican Sewage Board members in 2012. Specifically, Albano, George, Farling and Exec Director Zuener. What was covered up? It’s the duty of any public entity to perform a due diligence search to be sure they were approving something about which they had some competency. They covered up the lack of due diligence. But it’s worse than that. They sought and continue to seek to blame someone else for their failure.

The scheme is exposed and it’s a matter of public record that not only did the sewage board fail to perform their fiduciary duty to watch over the money of the people of Northampton, they constructed a hoax to blame Supervisor Frank Rothermel for their failure.

Part of the cover-up is a so-called Records Request for a document that the Sewage Board should have had in their possession. A quote. Why didn’t the Sewage Board Majority perform their due diligence? Stupidity? That has my vote. Deviousness? Also has my vote. Lack of Integrity? Lack of knowledge? Lack of all sorts of things but their character defects so far as their abilities to perform their due diligence is colossal in it’s nerve. This is chutzpah that goes far beyond reasonable people.

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