Years ago I found out how to get on the ballot for State Representative in the Republican Primary. A Republican supervisor complained to a judge and the judge ruled my own signature wasn’t valid. Then I ran for Bucks County Controller. I put up 700 political yard signs all over Bucks. The day after the election I collected them. There were less than 100. What happened to my campaign signs? Supervisor Komelasky told me: “Bill. If your signs are missing we took ’em”. Mystery solved.

No political race is too small for the Northampton GOP to cheat. The lowest position is for the local committee The party rules say there is no endorsemsnt for committee people. That rule is broken at every Primary election in Northampton. They will break any rule they decide they want to break and they have. They endorse their insider buddies. They even got a PA State Senator to endorse two local committee people. How low is that?  They print illicit names on the “Official Republican Ballot” . They never print all the Republican names on the “Official Republican Ballot”, only their insider buddies. Next time you are handed an “Official Republican Ballot” hand it back. Turns out that every election in Northampton the GOP breaks some party rules. No shame. No pride. No honesty. No integrity. 

In the 2013 Republican Primary the Northampton GOP cheated. Since 1997 in every primary in which I was involved, the Northampton GOP cheated to win. Every primary since 1997. Next year they will cheat again because they can’t help it. Help the Northampton GOP learn to do things right. Vote Democrat in November, just to show them some people will not support people who cheat to win.

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