The record of what is now called the Parson’s property is  a sorry one of dumb mistakes, missed opportunities along with some bad legal maneuvers, but the worst part is the long history of corruption by Republican Supervisors. The story begins with personal experience with George Komelasky himself ordering the destruction of my political signs, his kicking over political signs and the followers he empowered with appointments to for example the Sewage Board, Northampton Republican leaders can give lessons to the Chicago Mob.

Why do I say the Chicago Mob?

It sounds so beneath Northampton but not so far as the Insider Republican Leaders themselves as they continue to move Northampton down-market with their cheesy political stunts.

The Parson’s property sold at Sheriff’s sale for somewhere in the neighborhood of $600,000. A developer wanted to build homes on it but the Republican Supervisors decided to buy it under the Open Space Program. The Republicans paid $2.4 million, partly paid by Open Space Grant money. That’s $1.8 million more than the developer paid. Three times more. 1.8 x ten to the sixth divided by 0.6 times 10 to the sixth.  Shortly after that the Republicans sold it for $1.4 million losing $1 million but they lost $1.8  million when they bought it because they could have bought it for $1.8 million less. What’s the total loss? Add the $1.8 to the $1.0 and get $2.8 million worth of bad decisions. That’s why  the decisions are properly called stupid.

Was there anything underhanded about the massive loss? Who knows? It’s a possibility because of the way the Richboro Schoolhouse deal was done. You remember that was the deal where Republican Supervisor Vince Deon made a profit of $1.0 million on a deal that only took a few years. Being stupid involves making dumb decisions with community money. Being corrupt involves lots more. Corrupt includes Insider Dealing.  

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