Melania said: “I was very proud to become a citizen of the United States – the greatest privilege on planet Earth.” There’s simply no feeling Michelle ever had that comes close to feeling that proud of America but Michelle is trying to claim she helped Melania prepare her speech by showing Melania used a few rather common aphorisms in her marvelous speech at the Republican National Convention last night. Why is Michelle trying to claim credit for helping Melania prepare her speech? Ridiculous.

From whom did Michelle copy her words? The words are in such common use that most likely no one has claim, copyright or trademark rights so it’s preposterous to claim they belonged to Michelle Obama and that Melania Trump stole them which is what the charge of plagiarism means. Breitbart has a list of TEN (10) Democrats who are guilty of plagiarism including Michelle, Barack and of course “Pocahontas” Elizabeth Warren.

Michelle never had the feeling that America is a great country like Melania does. Melania takes energetic and visible pride in her personal achievement at becoming an American citizen. Remember. Michelle was born here. Melania had to choose America. Michelle was never proud of America until her husband was given the ultimate Affirmative Action prize, the Presidency.  

Melania continued to praise America saying: “We are all truly blessed to be here. That will never change.” No way Michelle can say she ever thought that way because she doesn’t think that way at all. She’s always leaving America a t taxpayers expense to go on vacations around the world. Compare that to Milania who thinks living in America is a vacation. The contrast between Melania and Michelle is stark and this kerfluffle may be linked to the path of political destruction chosen by her husband as he tries to undo all of the goodwill created between the races, goodwill that doesn’t exist in any other country because of the basic values that were amalgamated by the founders of America……. Despite what Obama believes.

Michelle is incapable of loving America like Melania does. Michelle is just a big mooch.


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