Hatred and Division increased during King Barack’s reign. America is in the final stages of the Bitter Obama Presidency. Frustration with white America has jumped the shark. The end stages are sit-downs during the National Anthem.

OK. OK, we get it. The Obama’s are all about being black. Nothing to do about it but it could have been better instead of bitter. These are two incorrigible individuals who should have taken advantage of their unique lives to make America great once again. High expectations and a pride in doing the right thing by electing Barack Hussein, a man with three strange names who promised to be better and to better us ended in another set of failures for America, Barack and Michelle.

Instead of getting a couple of aces, America dealt it’s unsuspecting self the jokers in the deck. Outliers who will be around for decades. One of America’s most bitter women, Michelle, “for the first time I’m proud of my country” LaVaughn Robinson Obama, to use one of the more complete ways to reference America’s First Black First Lady will join the Clinton’s on the lecture circuit. The First Black First Lady integrated race into everything she did. She’ has not changed. She wrote at Princeton: “The bottom line is that white students on this campus are racist”. Her words, freely chosen and freely written. A student at one of the best universities in the world and she condemns based on race. Ironic. Bitter.

No matter when or what the occasion the Obama’s can’t stop talking about slavery. “It isn’t settled yet.” “We haven’t fixed it.”

But America has done more for minorities specifically American black than any other nation on earth. Putrid, racist pig past.

I wake up in a “House built by slaves.” What is the point of that? It should be held out as the extreme sacrifices made to free blacks people from slavery but it’s not meant that way by Michelle. It’s meant to prove to the low intellect crowd that White people hate black people.

Most people except black people are indifferent about black people yet Michelle want’s everyone to think she’s powerless. The first black First Lady who gets invited to spew her wrong-headed nonsense about America because she’s the first black first lady doesn’t get it because she doesn’t want to get it. “We gone be here” for black people she said on 9/16/2016.

Barack has no slave blood. Michelle does. The Obama’s refuse to let go of the idea of slavery, proving how ineffective their intellect is in grasping the truth about both slavery and white people. Look at Gettysburg. How many white people died in the Civil War to free black people? Why doesn’t Michelle reference that?

Why doesn’t she praise America and Americans because America elected a black man as President? Are there no mirrors in the White House that show Michelle as the First Black First Lady? Of course there are and of course she knows it but she’s obsessive, reflexive and compulsive agaisnt white people not because she’s been oppressed but because she’s not what she really want’s to be wiich is white. It’s self-hatred.

The Obama Foundation will reap rewards that will allow them to self-finance and tax-deduct their global travels. Their reward, – our penance.

Fortunately, there are better angels among us who can consider the patter of innocents yet continue to move America to a better place. To say we’re better than the first black man and woman in the White House isn’t a boast, it’s just nature.

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