A country of extravagant beauty, from the beaches on the Black sea in the West to the Caucasus mountain range along it’s Northeastern border with Russia to Turkey and Iran to it’s South, Georgia is quite dangerous especially for Americans because of it’s Islamic, anti-Rome, anti-Pope Orthodox Catholic anti-West and to repeat seriously anti-American. It is where Stalin was born. A lousy place because of that.

It’s located between 42 and 43 degrees North latitude, like Boston and Kosovo. It’s about 40% forests but the high Caucasus mountains are without trees because of the altitude. Trees don’t grow above the timberline. It’s too cold.

Stalin was born in Gori, Georgia. He was a short, mean little murderous man, a disgrace to the human race. How did it happen he was born in a place of such natural beauty? Bad Luck. Bad for the millions he slaughtered to keep the ideas of Karl Marx going.

Marx has been the cause of the murders of millions yet his ideas persist even in America a country with the antidote for Marxism, personal, individual freedoms.

In terms of politics, America is the most beautiful nation ever invented. America is beautiful too in terms of geography, a stunningly, extravagantly beautiful place from the top next to Canada to the bottom next to Mexico and from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans.

From Stalin to Barack Obama, the distance and differences are manifold, too numerous to count or measure. Love Obama or hate him, next to Stalin, Mao, Fidel, Hitler, there’s literally no way to contrast or compare the worlds most psychotic leaders to any American President.

Stalin was born in Gori, Georgia. He became a Marxixt Community Organizer, an agitator who was befriended by Lenin who shot his way to power October 25, 1917 in St. Petersburg to the regret of millions who were slaughtered by these inhuman monsters.

Don’t blame Gori, Georgia or any other place Stalin operated. Blame the man.

Unfortunately, Americans are’t welcome in Caucasian Georgia because unlike Georgia in America, Caucasian Georgia is still Socialist which means the people of Caucasian Georgia still haven’t achieved today what America achieved in 1776. Liberty.

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