The National Conversation about race will not move until the President decides to stop blaming the police for being insufficiently nice and starts thinking about stopping the criminals. Obama refuses to accept the excessive numbers of black criminals in America that cause the high arrest rates of black people. 

Obama contributed to the black outrage against the police. That outrage caused the shootings in Baton Rouge. The truth is everyone knows killing police officers is wrong. Despite the rage in the black community no one should shoot at cops.

That explains the motive. Black rage is the motive. Trump want’s to bring the country back together but the President is driving it further apart and that causes some black people to shoot at the police.

The US remains a country of law and order. Donald Trump can win on Law and Order. Hillary can’t because she’s with Obama and he has never said he’s the law and order president or that Hillary is the law and order type. Hillary is the opposite of Law and Order. She uses the law to get out of order herself. Obama is trying use division and fear to help Hillary win the White House. A real leader doesn’t exploit tragedies for political gain. A true leader like Trump offers practical solutions that he can deliver.

Trump is a real leader so Obama’s attempt to use the Baton Rouge police shootings for his own advantage is a humiliating disgrace that shows why he should have never been elected president.

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