The entire country was disarmed and is paying the price in blood. Perhaps the people in the French government simply don’t trust the people but they are people too so it doesn’t make sense –but it’s been done.
From the horrors of the theater attack at Bataclan where not even a small pistol was available to fire back at the terrorists during almost three hours, to the most recent jihadist massacre in Nice that went on and on for a mile as he mowed down innocent, disarmed civilians, the lack of the availability of small arms had a disastrous result. .

Why doesn’t France allow people to carry a weapon? Israel has fierce anti-gun laws yet it provides carry permits to many people and it’s normal in Israel to see lots of armed people walking around the public square for obvious reasons. A jihadist attacker in Israel, whether armed with a vehicle, knife or a firearm, is unlikely to last long.

To those naysayers who try to explain that a civilian with a small concealed handgun could not stop a terrorist in a truck, look at how the truck was stopped in Nice. The police killed the jihadist with handguns similar to what many Israeli’s and Americans carry today. They could mitigate the severity of a jihadist in a truck by shooting out a tire or shooting the jihadist. At the very least someone firing a gun at him would distract the jihadist driver.

Israel and the United States are exceptional places among the Western democracies. They possess more armed people giving us a better ability to deter and frustrate such attacks.

Europe in general and France in particular, for all their centralized police forces, massive internal military deployments, and draconian gun control laws, is now beset by a violent Islamist onslaught against a mostly cowed and defenseless population, with jihadist attackers causing heavy civilian losses at every turn. Along with open immigration and a stagnated state dominated economy they are the model that Obama, Hillary, the Democrat party and the Liberals who are against an armed population would have the United State emulate. That’s a pretty good model for Trump, the Republicans, the Conservatives and the pro-second Amendment supporters to run against.
Lets get this done.

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