He backed off from his red line in Syria after the Russian bear growled. He failed to step up in support of Crimea when Puny Putin took it from Ukraine. And he’s more afraid now then he was when he took the defensive missiles out of Poland because Putin was against them.

America is far superior than Russia but President Obama doesn’t get that. America to him has been too arrogant so it’s in his playbook that America should be made weaker and stop being so aggressive on the world stage. It’s a set of false charges but it’s what motivates Obama.

Dinesh D’Souza asked in his movie: “America: What would the world be like without her?” Obama is doing his best to answer that question. Opening the borders to bring in more third worlders will impact jobs and wages for American born citizens and those citizens are among the people Obama has demonstrated he actually hates.

It was a perverse sort of pyric performance at the press conference yesterday where Obama announced his tactic of not planning for the future in a tan suit looking worse than he’s ever looked, all haggard, lined and with more grey hair. The man is psychologically conflicted and that’s taken a physical toll on him. Most Americans don’t want America to fail but for those who do, and that includes, unfortunately for America and the world ,President Obama.

He’s being called the worst American president since Jimmie Carter but he’s not really a president with America’s interests at heart. In that sense he’s not an American president.

Un-Americanism explains his fear of Putin who he recognizes as a man determined to do what he believes is best for Russia so he will fight to get it done. Obama is an upsetter, a divider not a fighter by nature. Of course he can fight in many senses of the word but so far, not for America.

If Obama isn’t afraid of Putin then he’s been acting against American interests because he agrees with Putin that America must be diminished. In the case of Obama it’spunishment for what Obama sees as America’s arrogance. As bad as Jimmie Carter was, he never purposely seemed to act against America. Obamaphiles will see that as Carter’s weakness meaning he should have made America weaker like Obama’s doing. For that reason Obama will be judged America’s Worst President. What a shame for America.

America can recover from Obama. It will take time and treasure because the damage is real. America is an exceptional place that will be proven more exceptional as it recovers from Obama’s damage. It’s most unfortunate this bitter and conflicted man was elected as president. Americans need to recognize the defense from and the recovery from Obama should drive Americans’ closer together. We need more unity to recover from Obama.

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