The charges were coming hot and heavy that the video record of the first Sewage Board Meeting was altered or distorted and that a Northampton Supervisor did it but that was manifestly impossible because the raw video was given to the Sewage Board as part of the way the video of the meetings were handled. So if the video of the Sewage Board was altered, the Sewage board did it and is trying to change the facts and trying to blame someone else.

This is an old trick by the Sewage Board Republican Majority. They’ve done this before, first by telling people they had no plans to put sewers in the West End when they knew there were plans to do it. They refused to reveal the cost of sewers and let people believe the sewers would cost $40,000 per property. They shouted the water was contaminated in the Industrial Park when it wasn’t. Now they blame someone else for their mistake about their own video being altered when the video was under their control. This is a bad bunch.




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