President Barack Obama’s IRS managers targeted Tea Party groups and withheld tax benefits from them. Toxic IRS head, Lois Lerner was investigated by Congress and had to resign. Good riddance to a bad person.
Obama has special skills for appointing unqualified people. Ilana Mercer, a high level analyst of government faux pas’ zeroed in on the spokespeople for the Department of State. She called tainted Marie Harf “a stumblebum”.

Mercer knows about such people from her prior experiences with lout’s of Harts type in her birthplace, South Africa where there are worse people all over the place then stumblebums who are usually harmless because they don’t rise to positions of power like Barf who works for Jen Psaki, former Obama Press Secratary who works hard to sellout the Ameircan people like her bosses boss, aka. BHO.

Departed Secret Service disastrous Director, Julia Pierson enabled 42 year old Omar Gonzalez to rush across the White House lawn into the residence where he promptly and easily over powered a female secret service officer, (liberals fake surprise and say: “really” in a sniffy accent) when she forgot to lock the door.

Those ladies are pikers in incompetence. Obama’s team of high level liars includes Hillary, Susan Rice of “Blame the Video” fame and Samantha Power now in her hate America element as the U.N. Ambassador. Naturally.

Is Obamas reign just a series of mistakes or is there something deeper going on? Something deeper. But not difficult to understand. He’s just getting revenge but he’s a wicked man on that deeper level.

No matter, even the hard-core Democrats know he’s just about done all of the mischief that he can do.

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