Mr. Don George is rumored to be replacing Township Manager Robert Pelligrino if one or two Republicans win election on November 5th.

That will return control of the township to the Republicans, and usher in four more years of Republican rule including more corrupt years of hell for the residents of Northampton. The Credit Rating of Northampton will be reduced, as it was during the recent rule by the Insider Northampton Republicans, – even more.

Sewer Board video’s will be stopped. The detailed spending, the list of bills will be stripped from the website. The political patronage jobs will return, every Democrat will be removed, the videographer will be replaced by another insider and maybe there will be a new police chief.

How do we know that’s what would happen? From the record of the last twenty years. From experience with a rule-breaking clique that ruled that way. We know the next four years would be identical to the dictatorship of the Republican Majority from 2008 to 2011, a period I call four years in Northampton Hell.

2012 was a transition; a “Year in Limbo” because the three Majority Republicans passed the 2012 budget in 2011 so the 2012 Democrat majority, by law had to follow the Republican budget even though Democrats were in charge in 2012.  

The Northampton Democrats have only run with their own budget for nine months. That pretty much sums up the plight of the two Democrat Supervisors since they were elected in 2007. Their term’s started in January 2008 and will end in December 2013 but they were tortured for four years by the Republican Majority. During most meetings they were ruled out of order and were gaveled into silence.  I was there.

Citizens First Amendment rights to speak during a supervisor meeting were sharply restricted to the minimum the Republican majority believed they could get away with by the advice of their Insider Republicans lawyers. For example the Republican Majority, George Komelasky, Vincent Deon, Eileen Silver and Art Freidman, (Art was appointed to replace John Long who had passed away), refused to allow citizens to speak and to make comments except at the beginning of the meeting before any business was discussed. That meant citizens could only address an issue from a meeting 30 days later and long after it was voted on by the Majority Republican Board. That’s Soviet style free speech and that’s what would happen again if one Republican wins on November 5th.  Under the Republican’s  Northampton was run like a Central American Dictatorship with only about five minutes a month where citizens were allowed to address the government. That went on from 2008 to 2012 until a third Democrat Supervisor was elected to replace Vince Deon.

From Feb, 2012 until July 2013 Don George, Tony Albano, Tom Zuener, and their political partners on the Sewage Board constantly told the people about the contamination of the public water supply by properties in the Industrial Park. It was all false. There was no evidence of contamination. Yet these “Denizens of the Dias” wrote, talked, demanded and falsely blamed Frank Rothermel for fictitious charges. There was no contamination of the public water supply. Four more years of lying like that isfone or two Republicans are elected as Supervisors. 

Four more years of backroom contracts like the Solar Panel Project. I thought you would want to know.

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