Breaking the rules is not limited to Republican Supervisor Eileen Silver. The Northampton GOP has become a divisive force in Northampton as they try to get back their power to raise campaign cash and put more of their cronies back into office. For the sake of the people they should not succeed.

Starting 20 years ago we can show the agenda that triggered the public outrage that ked to the destruction of the peace of our community with the hidden 537 sewer plan. Why hide a plan to install a sewer pipe in the West End? Because being forced to pay outrageous fees for something that was done wrong and should be fixed by the township makes people angry. The West Enders were deceived by the hidden plan. For two years the Komolasky/Deon axis of blather controlled the debates and continued the deception. They deceived the West Enders with promises that sewers were not planned but they were. They blathered about being fair then charged the West Enders four times the normal rate to connect to the sewer pipe. It’s called a “Tapping Fee” and it taps into the retirement savings of seniors who had to pay $10,000.00 to connect to the sewer pipe in the street. Think about that.  A beleaguered homeowner must hire a plumber who must connect one pipe to another pipe. Without lifting a finger to help the Sewage Board demands $10,000.00. the plumber cannot proceed until the $10,000 fine is paid. Why does the Sewage Board charge $10,000? “Because we can”. These are awful people. Some have openly been accused of lying to the authorities. One Sewage Board member was mentioned 180 times in a grand jury report. What is wrong with these people?

Watch at a supervisor meeting when Supervisor Eileen Silver, (R) refuses to follow the rules. She refuses to wait her turn. She refuses to think before blurting out some negative political comment against Frank Rothermel. She won’t shut up when the chair bangs the gavel. BLURT – BANG – BLURT – BANG, BANG and so it goes. Deceit, Deception, Blather,Blurt and the Republicans want more power. What is wrong here?  

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