Some people think all politics is immoral but it’s not. The political morality of an individual voter is up to the individual. The morality of a politician depends on their value system and based on the actions of the leaders of the Northampton GOP their morality is questionable because of the past corruption. The Northampton Democrats on the other hand have been doing the right things.

Morality is far more than not stealing or not assaulting people. A basic moral code includes the selection of a correct Metaphysics; a correct Epistemology and of course a correct Ethics. But the first question is do people need a moral code at all and why? If you have read some of my writings you know the definition of morality and why it has survival value.

But Corruption in Northampton Government is immoral. We would agree Bruce Townsend was immoral when he stole over $120,000 from the township. (He paid it back). We should agree that supervisors should not sell to the township yet that went on for a long time. What about Supervisor candidates? Yes, they should not sell solar systems to the township nor should they use third parties to avoid the appearance of impropriety. That’s Immorality 101. The sale of goods and services that present conflicts of interest mean supervisors might not make decisions in the best interest of Northampton if they find themselves presented with the chance to make some money by selling to the government agency they work with.

It’s immoral to help people who present conflicts of interest by the nature of campaigning for public office. Personal morality should have stopped people who present such an issue. Voting for those Northampton Republican candidates in the Nov. 5th election should weigh the moral considerations of voting for possible or potential immorality against party loyalty. It should be a simple decision. For most people I believe it is.  

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