We sued the Commissioners because they failed to enforce some of the election rules. The rules at issue are clear. Nicknames are prohibited on the ballot. Silly? You don’t know how many people are removed from the ballots across America by “the rules”. The rules are misused all across America. Northampton township is no exception nor is Bucks County. The first time I filed nominating petitions to get on the ballot I was sued in Harrisburg by a now deceased Northampton Supervisor. The judge ruled my signature was invalid. It took a two day trial but I rescued my signature. 

I didn’t catch on for years but I now know the so-called trial was rigged right from the beginning. The Board of Elections removed all of the necessary signature cards from the Courthouse, including my signature card. Long story short, I lost the court battle but learned loads of valuable information about how the corrupt system operates to keep insiders on the ballot and to make sure outsiders are removed. Many friends survived ballot challenges including four Tea Party candidates because fifteen years ago I was sued by the township supervisor to prevent ballot access. But we didn’t win all of the cases. Some great candidates were removed before they could face the voters.

The practice goes on everywhere. One Green party candidate tried to defend the nominating papers of his party only to be hit with a massive fine. That was also done to Ralph Nader who was removed from the PA ballot by political operators.

America is known for free and fair elections. Mostly that’s true but there have been thousands of exceptions. Some of us attempted to inspect the voting machines before the election. We were given approval letters to inspect but armed guards prohibited our entry. We did see that over 86% of the machines were not ready for inspection. It didn’t matter. The politicians won that round and many others.

So we attempted to get a judge to order the Bucks Commissioners to do their job and enforce the election rules. The courts created a Gordian Knot to prevent that. We’re still trying but it looks doubtful that the system will police itself.

As seasoned outsider candidates we’re not surprised at the behaviors of the officials involved. They know they are protected by many levels of elected and appointed people. Here’s part of the irony. The politicians don’t fix every race, they don’t have to. They only fix a few and that’s been working fine for them. The people get cheated but politics is about the politicians, not the people.

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