Politicians use Race as an election tool. Race is very easy to exploit for political gain. Career’s have been launched as the race issue heated up as a result of Dr. Martin Luther Kings protests. Today it is a centerpiece for Liberals and the Left who use it to help destroy America. Some people are exploited by the race issue. Race leaders can count on demonstrations to underline their power.

Race is power. The power is both economic and political. The exploitation of White Guilt seems to work almostr everytime race rears it’s head.

The race of a person is fixed even before their birth by the combined Parental DNA. Race based education sets higher standards for some races. The government tips the scales of justice in hiring, firing and public behavior. Hate crime laws are another set of government involvement with solving the race problem. Welfare in America has become is mostly about race. One could argue that welfare has made living with multiple races more difficult. Why? One reason; it breeds discontent by those forced to pay for it. A second is it builds resentment among those to whom it is given because they know they did not earn welfare and they resent being forced to collect.

Job flight causes welfare expansion. Welfare provides votes for politicians who can exploit it. Welfare can lose votes when people think a politician wants to stop their welfare. Welfare provides many votes for politicians whether they favor or oppose it. It’s a universal issue that can be exploited by both sides. It’s useful as the basis for the charges of racism. People who oppose welfare are called racists because welfare is connected to white people paying and black people collecting.

the charge of Racism is a powerful tool but it’s political value is dropping because it has failed to fix the problems like poverty, better homes, and higher earnings that it promised. Racism was not the cause of many problems so anti-racism couldn’t be used as the basis for solutions.  

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