Every so-called Sensible Gun Law violates the Second Amendment. Every so-called Common Sense Gun Law also violates the Constitution which prohibits laws against guns. Every legislator who proposes or votes for background checks before allowing a gun to be bought violates their Oath of Office which promises to follow the Constitution.

The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land. Unfortunately many laws which violate it carry no penalty. Government has no business violating the Constitution even though it does so on a regular basis. Background checks by the State of PA, for example, before the State permits a gun purchase, violate the PA State Constitution in addition to the United States Constitution but an oppressive government must prevent people from owning guns. It’s obvious that a dictatorship or a totalitarian government must not allow people to have a gun. Those types of tyrannies must prevent the purchase or transfer of a gun but America practices a far more subtle form of tyranny. The welfare State is a tyrannical parasite that steals from some people and rewards others, acting as a broker of oppression. the tea Parties and the Patriot Groups formed in response to the more serious types of oppression but hardly anyone works to destroy the welfare state. A welfare state is immoral, as are laws which violate the Second Amendment. Most legislators are immoral so there’s a good fit between means and ends at work.  

Nevertheless, legislators who endorse the continued soft persecution of people, an attribute of the immoral welfare state must remove guns from the people or risk being overthrown. They often hide behind issues based on protecting the children but they are more dangerous to our children because they abuse them by stealing their freedom’s.

Governments are overthrown even in the 21st century but the overthrows are usually by the military. That happened in Egypt in 1952, again in 2011 and yet again on July 3, 2013. The Egyptian people are prohibited from owning a gun. That gives the military an overwhelming advantage.

Freedom can be hazardeous but oppression can be fatal.

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