Over 55% of Americans accept the NSA Spy Program. They say: “why are you worried unless you have something to hide”? They are wrong.  

The problem is American’s didn’t pass the 4th Amendment to protect those with something to hide.  The people passed that amendment to stop government from spying on us.  The question is not: “do you have something to hide”.  The question is: Who’s in charge.? Do we control the government, or does the government control us? 

Oliver Stone said: “Recent leaks have given us a glimpse into our government’s giant surveillance machine.  This machine is eating our freedom.” Stone’s right.

Do we approve the laws or does government? We do.  Can government do whatever it wants? No, the Constitution is supposed to stop government from spying on Americans. Tell every member of government to stop the NSA spying on Americans.

Will that hurt America’s ability to stop terrorists? If is does it means the NSA is doing the job the wrong way. Spy on Terrorists. Listen to their conversations. Oppress the terrorists. Leave American’s alone. Go fight the bad guys. Leave Americans alone.


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