His name is Cuckoo, a tiny mite of a man who never saw a truth he couldn’t lie about. Cuckoo want’s others to do his work for him. Unemployed, Cuckoo is intellectually challenged to the point he’s unable to get information on Solar Panels. Little sterile Cuckoo demands information be found by others. Same for the 3 Komelasky appointed Republicans on the Northampton Sewer Board, none of whom did a search of the internet to check the price of a solar panel even though there are over 270 solar installation companies in Pennsylvania and even though they all have a Sewer-Board-paid-for-IPad-Portable-Computer that they use to check out www.billoneill.info. Seems they can get more information about their job from www.billoneill.info than they can get for themselves. Too bad they want to get the work of Frank Rothermel to see how much they lost on the Solar Panel Deal instead of getting even one quote from the 270+ other Solar Panel companies on their own. Imaging this gang if nit-wits who refused to get a second quote for a $190,000.00 bid.

Solar Panels stink in the sense they are used in corrupt deals that use loopholes to harvest Tax Funded Grant’s which in the case of the Sewer Board panels was almost $90,000.00. One louse; a flock of lice; a series of wrong behaviors and bad business deals are markers of corruption of all that is bright and beautiful in Northampton.  

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