The recent upset victory of Pat Bachtle was almost upset by Northampton and Bensalem who voted big time against Bachtle. There are many Republican politicians who want the leadership changed, starting with David Heckler who stepped up more than anyone else. Dave added Pat Bachtle’s name to his political signs. What other famous Bucks Republicans worked with Bachtle?

There’s no official list so this is guesswork but it’s based on information acquired over the past twenty years as a political junkie in Bucks County. People like Mike Fitzpatrick, Tommy Tomlinson, Charlie Martin, & Chuck McIllheny, have been reliable Republicans, as have countless other Republicans, who work for the Republican party almost 24/7. Not so for the insider Republicans in Northampton who have embarrassed themselves and the Republican Party by working against the best interests of the people of Northampton. To validate that look at the election results. Northampton was the least successful township in Bucks in the Bachtle victory, having voted for the loser by a higher percent and a higher number of votes than even Bensalem, a larger township who nevertheless supported Bachtle more than Northampton.

That means the leadership of the Republican Party is changing. At the very least it’s being challenged. The power is shifting because the present leadership has been so inept they are being replaced for the good of the party. That’s the story behind District Attorney David Heckler adding Pat Bachtle’s name to his own political signs. That’s a courageous move. Heckler was the most visible supporter of Bachtle and we can look foreword to more leadership from the Heckler- Bachtle – coalition.

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