Hillary personifies the sobriquet “Battle Ax. She cannot give a straight answer. It’s both an intellectual flow character defect as well as a personality based character flaw.

Watch and listen as un-feminine Hillary steps all over Rachael Maddow when Maddow is trying to get a question out.

Then watch the condescending, manner and the look of disdain on Hillary’s puss when she talks to Maddow. Hillary has both a too-high opinion of herself and a too-low opinion of Maddow when she’s lecturing Maddow like Maddow, a strong supporter of “Hilla the Hun”, as her husband referred to Jennifer Flowers and to Monica Lewinsky during their most intimate moments together. Hillary couldn’t get the job done in the bedroom so Bill went elsewhere, just like voters should do instead of putting this off-putting puffy-faced harridan in the White House.

Maddow is too cowardly to lay the ruination of Libya on Hillary’s sturdy feet. Why didn’t Maddow ask about the ongoing horrors of Hillary’s foreign policy, her vote for “the disastrous war in Iraq?

“Bernie tried to expose Mrs. Clinton’s record. His thundering, “Hillary Clinton isn’t qualified to be president,” however, soon gave way to a whimper, a squeak, a “she started it”; “I would have preferred an issue-oriented campaign.” Mumble-mumble. “Where’s my mommy?” as Ilana Mercer wrote.

Maddow asked the Hildebeest: “Do you expect him to drop out?” — That’s a “yes” or “No” question but Hillary refuses to answer and instead says: “that’s up to him”. No, Hillary the question was “do YOU expect him to drop out?”

Instead of answering the question, Hillary begins to lie and even worse, gets into Maddow’s face and space. How disgusting that is to watch and even worse to listen to.

Hillary belongs in the crapbin of history and thanks to Rachael Maddow she showed us why. HERE.

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