Yellow journalism is purposeful lying to support a non-deserving friend. The Bucks County Courier Times did it in a disgusting childish editorial by the editorial board that wrote a so-called Editorial entitled “MAD SCIENTIST” designed only to further their endorsed candidate for Congress, Steve Santarsiero. They went way too far when they called Naughton a HYPOCRITE because one of her campaign pieces made her opponent look like the guy on the MAD COMIC BOOK. They blacked out some teeth in what any normal person would know was a joke, not an attempt to make her opponent look like a dumb guy with missing teeth.

The Courier editors called Naughton, a woman who graduated with a degree in chemistry, “MAD”. Preposterous.

Chemistry makes a degree in Journalism look very easy. Not to condemn Journalism majors but to keep a degree in Chemistry up where it belongs which is to say it’s really difficult to get a degree in Chem. Not only that, Naughton worked in research and did well. Highly educated and smart so the Courier made her into some kind of crazy women by calling her “A MAD SCIENTIST”. The editors have no idea of science and they prove it just about every day as they write at a very low level presuming their readers are all beer drinking louts with suspended drivers licenses. Low-brow editors.

Bottom line is: the best Democratic Candidate in the Democratic party’s primary for Congress is Naughton.  

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