Senator Joe McCarthy, inventor of “McCarthyism”, accusing allegedly innocent people of being members of “The Communist Party”; getting them “Blacklisted” by accusing them in public and being helped by stool pigeons and whistleblowers is the worst kind of government official. People it is believed, have a First Amendment Right to join whatever organizations, their “Right Of Association”. Joining with a group of people dedicated to the overthrow of the American Government by any means necessary is a Right that government is supposed to protect. Do you see the problem? It’s identical with believing People Have A Right To Kill You.

Did you know McCarthy was not only right when he identified Communists in the higher reaches of government and others who were movie writers where they smuggled Communist Values into movie goers minds, he understated the case? There were thousands of Communist Spies throughout America where they have been operating to instill communist values into unsuspecting minds. Whoever ruined America, it wasn’t McCarthy who wanted to save America from what it’s become.

Being part of a group who want’s to eliminate freedom and replace it with the Russian Model of Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev and Putin is good, according to the members of the Communist Party of The United States of America, CPUSA.

The word “Communism” was offensive to the Communists, like the “N” word or “Redskin” is offensive to individuals with African American ancestors or to Native Americans. In a two part strategy, CPUSA went underground and they changed “Communist” to “Progressive”. The offensive word was eliminated and the threat went underground. It emerged in the movies, the newspapers, the universities and the political parties. “Progressivism” was promoted as a humane way to live. The Popes joined the “Progressive Cause” to make life better for the poor who were victims of governments that didn’t take care of them. Being poor was the best type of victim. In America free benefits were piled on “the Poor”. Welfare was used to force innocent people to pay for their neighbors free benefits. Welfare helped “Single Mothers” raise their children to become gang members. Rioting became fashionable to the “Progressives” who helped more poor people immigrate illegally which made them gang members from the moment they illegally crossed the borders. Thanks, Stalin, for putting your “Progressive” ideas into the universities for the past 100 years and helping “the Poor” come, not to your “Workers Paradise” but to America where they could continue to tear down the idea of taking care of yourself. Thanks goes to Marx for instructing Ann Dunham and Barack Obama to raise their child with the principles of Lenin so he could rule America with them. Do you see the problem?

Thank Stalin for  sending to thousands of spies to America where they could work in secret to defeat America by the nuanced approach of: Infiltrate; Steal Secrets and Educate Children in the ways of Communism which is now called “Socialism”; get elected and influence the law to ruin the idea of Individual Freedom and replace it with the “Right of Every Culture to Be Represented” everywhere. Quotas for everything to destroy the unity of the American Culture and replace it with nothing, really, just a hodge-podge seemingly without purpose but unite the American people with the idea they are nothing unless they are part of a sub-gang based on skin color, nationality or the new gender gangs. Make children hate their parents and love the government because  government gives you the benefits that fathers won’t. Do you see the problem?


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