All indications show a blow-out of Hillary in November by a nation energized to want change from decades of corruption by the two political parties that work against the people. Loads of Democrats aren’t voting in the Primaries because of the obnoxious factor. Bernie is a Socialist and Socialism in obnoxious. Hillary is obnoxious period. Millions of sentient Democrat voters appear to be waiting to vote for Trump in the fall.

Hillary isn’t inspiring nor has she accomplished or achieved much except in her goodie-goodie school days. She’s not likable nor does she like people and it’s obvious. She has the most insincere smile, turns it right on and right off.

Trump has been described as a shark and in some ways he is because he’s an opportunist meaning he can take advantage of an opportunity. Good. He will be the American shark making America great again. Millions of Democrats are waiting for their chance to vote for Trump to make America great again. 

And we’re all waiting for him to take on Putin. 

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