Good but no one knew. Trump never saw how huge all of the angry voters are. Of course loads of Republicans are angry because of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Sharpton, Affirmative Action and high but un-necessary school taxes  as well as Bush I “Read My Lips” and Bush II “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction” so Republican and Democrat voters are angry and they don’t want the Hildebeest or Bernie. They want America back. 

Add in the Libertarians, the Tea Party types, the Second Amendment types, the Independents, the real scientists who know about the myth of global warming, add in the Americans tired of being swindled at the U.N. and angry about Obama’s amnesty for illegals and his friends in the Middle East and his anti-Europe bias, in addition to all the angry birds in the Democrat and Republican circles and voila! Trump is popular.

Trump tapped into “The Hidden Revolution.” He’s not only a problem for the Republican party, he’s a problem for the Democrat party because he wants to make America whole again but the parties only want to keep their swindle-gig.

If Trump is only partly right; if he’s only partly able to challenge and win, America’s jobs will open up again. Trump can change the way America is disrespected around the world because of: the Mainstream Media; how America has been belittled by Obama who apologized to nations and leaders who never should have been apologized to, who should have profusely thanked America for all of the good America has done for and paid for all of the good things, -things that Obama thinks make America and the West including Europe small and insignificant. Yes, Trump is important, — because Americans are angry at being condemned because of our virtues.   

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