Obama beat John McCain 55% to 44% in the 2008 Presidential Election. Trump just beat Hillary 52% to 48% in a primary with other candidates. That means in the Trump – Hillary Presidential Election in PA Trump will crucify Hillary by an even wider margin. Why?

Because PA is a Democrat majority state but far more Republicans voted in the Primary Trump beat Cruz 57% to 19%, 3 votes to each one Cruz got.

Trump received more votes than Hillary, 51,000 to 47,000. Probably about 20% of Trumps votes came from Democrats who registered Republican to vote for Trump over the other Republicans. Whatever the number or percent of Democrats who changed to Republican, Trump will receive far more votes in November as many registered Democrats will come out to vote for Trump, not Hillary. In 2008 Obama received 3.3 million votes compared to John McCain’s 2.7 million. In November 2016 Trump will easily get more votes than Obama and will likely win 60% of the vote in a Democrat state.

It’s the Trump Revolution where Trump is smashing to bits the two political parties and their share-in-the-wealth schemes. Trump might get 3.6 million votes compared to 2.4 million for Hillary. Trump will get 20 of PA’s 20 total Electoral College votes.

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