Donald J. Trump presented his foreign policy plans in a 3,500 word speech to the Center for the National Interest. That’s most unusual.
Trump listed his plans for most of the foreign nations. Obama never did that. Trump has plans. Obama doesn’t. He never had them, at least he never mentioned them.

Trump announced his plans to put and keep America First. Obama still hasn’t done that.

Trump want’s to continue to protect Europe but he want’s Europe to increase their payments to NATO so America can finally get a fair deal in NATO. Same for the United Nations where America continues to get raped by other nations demanding more UN troops partly because they never pay for them. No more says Trump to Europe. You want our help you can pay for our help.

Trump covered Syria, Russia, China and just about every other hot spot where American leadership can make many lives better but his premise is: put America first. He atriculated these principles:
1. Conserve our resources.
2. Allies must pay their fair share.
3. America must be dependable. Our enemies must fear us and our friends must trust us.
4. Our rivals must respect us.
5. Our Foreign Policy must be clear and understandable.
6. We need a long term plan to destroy radical Islam.
7. We must rebuild our military.
8. Our Foreign Policy must be based on American’s best interests.



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