The Pope just informed us dogs go to heaven. That upset many people because dogs don’t have souls. A soul is a requirement of admission. Things like souls must be either / or; either one has a soul or not. It makes no sense to have perhaps only half a soul. So dogs must have one if they are in heaven but what about the things that are in heaven? God allegedly sits on a chair called a throne and chairs don’t have souls.

So it’s possible dogs get in under the classification of things. That seems rather disrespectful since some dogs are seen as even better than some people. How could something so once alive be called a mere thing. It’s just not right or at least it doesn’t sound right.

It’s also possible the Pope was wrong or just kidding around trying to make dog-lovers feel better.

But the problem of dogs in heaven starts with where is it? It must be somewhere but no one’s come up with the GPS coordinates so maybe it’s not a real place. Maybe it’s something that’s thought about but not too carefully; or, the truth might be that it isn’t anywhere. Sort of like a dream that seems to exist when it’s going on but when awake the dream is gone.

That’s the Location Argument for God but of course that requires God to be part of the Universe which believers don’t accept. Some people want to claim God is outside the Universe but there’s only one Universe. Another name for the Universe is Existence.

But the universe or existence is changing, not static so the universe is different the moment after it’s identified. That’s not a problem for physicists who can use the idea of velocity to show what was a moment ago changed at a rate of change. The future of existence is just the present times the velocity.

It begs the question of location by showing it’s always changing. The question is always changing from where? It solves the problems of location but not for heaven because there’s no initial location from which to calculate the changes.

Some say God is everywhere. That gets around the idea of a location but not with any satisfaction. Being everywhere is not a place, even for an instant. Something that’s everywhere is identical in place identification with being nowhere. Something that’s nowhere can’t really exist.

So the problem for the Pope is where are the dogs?

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