Preventative Laws penalize the innocent. Take the flu. Government can rule you must have a flu shot. Government has ruled children must be vaccinated with all sorts of shots. Why not the flu? After all, the flu has killed millions. Why not force adults to get flu shots? Unfortunately for the rest of the world, America cannot order adults to get flu shots because that is prohibited by the American Constitution. Prohibited that is until Obama appoints more crazy Liberals to the Supreme Court. Back to Mass Murders or as the media calls them Mass Killings. Killing large numbers of people is the connection being wrongly exploited at the moment to take away freedoms from Americans. Americans are always the targets for the rest of the world who blame America for all the evil in the world. Look at goofy NY Mayor Bloomberg. Mad Michael Bollmberg, and his clown brain. He banned large sodas. Power Mad.

Lets make the connection between Guns and Money. Guns are a popular topic these days and the Second Amendment is the target of those who want to prevent violence. It’s also the target of the United Nations both directly and indirectly. Directly in the Small Arms Treaty, not signed by America but being enforced outside of America. It’s called the Global Arms Trafe Treaty. It violates all sorts of American laws, especially the Second Amendment. It violates the enumerated powers idea in the Constitution itself. No matter, Obama and Hillary support it.

Notice that the Second Amendment was not intended to ban guns. It is intended to ban government from making laws about private citizens keeping and using among other things, — arms. How do you attach a meaning to that word? Do you think it includes, for example: mortars, bazookas, machine guns, sub-machine guns, carbines, shotguns, sniper rifles, flame-throwers and other useful weapons of mass destruction? Is the idea of “Arms” as used in the Original Constitution the same as it was in 1776? Is the idea expandable to the 21st century century or is it limited to the definition available in the 18th? Does the idea of “Arms” mean the weapons of mass destruction that can be carried by people? Does it mean the internal combustion engine can be used to carry “Arms”? Can a boat be used to carry “Arms”? How about an aircraft? How about an ICBM? Is an ICBM part of the armament of America? Can the world be made safe without Arms? Can the police and the military protect Americans from the violence and the carnage for example like 9/11? Remember, America had the largest amount of nuclear weapons in the world and yet 9/11 happened by a small group of terrorists from far away who did not have a single bullet, gun, assault weapon or hand-granade. Does that mean the police and the military should disarm because assault weapons did not protect Americans on 9/11? How about the carnage from Hurricanes? Do assault weapons protect Americans from carnage from hurricanes? Should Diane Feinstein ban hurricanes as part of her gun, bullet and magazine ban? Or how about the carnage from automobiles? From high speed highways? From spoiled fruit? From the flu?

All those things and more are responsible for violent deaths around the world. In fact the difference in wealth can be blamed for the deaths of millions of people who are murdered each year by starvation. The United Nations believes that and is pushing Wealth Control in thousands of programs being carried out by millions of people as part of the Rio Earth Summits. See for one example, the United Nations Inclusive Wealth Report for 2012. So that’s a connention between Mass Killings and Money.  

Preventative laws are convenient mechanisms for politicans, advocates, community organizers and for the fruit loops among us to pretend the world is being made safer while Liberty is diminished by preventative laws. The law can properly punish criminals. It should not punish the innocent.  

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