The Underground Railroad was a network of secret routes and safe houses that helped slaves escape to freedom. The Aboveground Railroad is a secret route used to incarcerate people. For example, imagine government decided to “get” someone put in jail. A false or rigged trial is used to find people guilty and sentence them.

Governments can conduct a highly public  “show trial” that shows how futile is resistance to it’s policies. Famous Show Trials were conducted in China, the USSR, Salem Mass., Rouen France where St. Joan of Arc was “tried” and executed. The Dreyfus Affair, a complex 10 year miscarriage of justice that involved both the press and popular opinion. A culture is now known to be easily controlled by: Propaganda, Psyop’s, Malware, Early Indoctrination, Opposition Research, Astroturfing, Data Mining, Front Groups, Sockpuppets, Web Brigades, Payola, Stealth Marketing, Cognitive Dissonance, Dissent Drowning, Dis-Information, Developmental Psychology, Love Bombing, Mind Bending, Info Floods, Pensee Unique, Red Herrings, Scorch Engines, Guerilla Marketing, Trash Control, Information Operations, Mass Manipulations, Delphi’s, Charettes and Push Polls. Welcome to the “Brave New World” of “1984”.

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