Her dying wish was an arrogant attack on President Trump…

Her wish was: “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.” But she knew President Trump had a duty to replace her which is what provides the basis for charging her with arrogance.

While it is best to pay tribute to her life, our fervent wish is for a quick replacement by President Trump…

Ruth was born on The Ides of March 15, 1933 and she passed away September 18, 2020 from pancreatic cancer.  The Ides of March was the day Caesar was assassinated and has been associated with bad luck in the minds of many.

Ginsburg was also an awful judge. A good Supreme Court opinion, like a solid house, is built on a constitutional foundation, with the materials coming from clear and strong precedent and law. Ginsburg’s opinions, especially when she was pushing political ends, were composed of random bits and pieces of law that could be cobbled together to make a rough shack. She and her clerks hid this shoddy construction in muddy and muddled writing surrounded by myriad case citations that were never entirely on point.

That Ginsburg saw her role as political was shown by the fact that, even on her deathbed, she tried to manipulate Trump’s constitutional authority to nominate a new Supreme Court justice. In that vein, it’s worth remembering that she abandoned judicial impartiality and interfered in the election by using her enormous popularity to speak against Trump.

President Trump can appoint Ginsburg’s replacement and have his choice confirmed by the 53 Republican Senators. There are 35 Senate seats in the November election, 12 currently held by Democrats and 23 held by Republicans. It’s possible that the Democrats can win enough seats to have a majority in the Senate but that probability is much smaller than the probability that the Republicans will hold onto the Senate majority. If they lose three seats and the Senate is 50-50 Vice President Pence will be the tiebreaker. The money bet is the Republicans will follow the immense popularity of President Trump and win at least the 23 Republican seats which will keep the Republican majority. The Republicans may win more than 23 Senate seats and increase their majority.

Bottom line on Ruth Bader Ginsburg is that America is much better off with a less ideological person on the Supreme Court. Ginsburg was not a good friend of America. She said she believed the constitution of South Africa was better that America’s Constitution because it gave free stuff to people instead of the freedom that America received from The American Constitution. On that point, which covers so much, Ginsburg was flat out a Socialist. While we can recognize her life we need to remember she was a flaming Socialist and that’s not good.

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