He knows abortions in the first trimester are OK. No issues of whether or not a fetus is a person but he fails utterly to consider the woman. Roe v Wade did not let the woman make the decisions about her own body that women need to make. In the first trimester, for example, the decision to stop a pregnancy is up to the woman and her doctor. The woman cannot, by law, make a decision about her own body. The doctor has to agree and approve her decision. that’s massively wrong. In the second trimester Roe requires the doctor and the state to decide and in the third trimester Roe left it up to government alone. The woman has no ability to stop government if they want her to continue her pregnancy but she doesn’t. In the second and third trimesters the woman has no rights about her own body.

Neither Roe nor Charles Krauthammer take the side of the woman. Roe was wrong to decide, arbitrarily that a woman’s body is subject to three time periods. Roe also decided wrongly, that during the third trimester the woman has no say in the matter. None. Her body, her mind, her decisions have nothing to say. The government can force her to continue a pregnancy or to stop it. If that’s not a violation of every facet of the idea of the rights of an individual, there’s no such thing as government protection for women. None.

Judge Blackmun and six others decided against impregnated women except for a limited role during the first trimester. That’s worse than slavery. That’s worse than a concentration camp or being interred like the Japanese were during WWII. Imagine being a prisoner in your own body, every moment, every place and being forced to live during the torture. Hideous.

And for what? A fetus is not a person. A woman is. A fetus is not able to live. The woman is already living and being tortured by her body, by government, by the Republicans, by society and the culture who together are doing the torture. Read on this website about the so called viability of a fetus. Even when the fetus clears the birth canal it’s not yet alive. The lungs are not working. It is not able to breathe until the airway is cleared. If it tries the lungs ingest amniotic fluid. It drowns. It’s heart doesn’t work until the holes are closed after breathing begins. 

Impregnated women are even lower than second class citizens, -they are victims of the misguided part of the culture who effectively abandons them and they are utterly deprived of the protections that are used as the basis of a legitimate government. As Krauthammer shows in his column, “How to debunk the ‘war on women'”, they are invisible in the abortion debates.

Krauthammer wants to ban abortion in the third trimester. It’s already out of the hands of the impregnated woman but Krauthammer want’s more control over the bodies of women. Does he get the feeling of the torture his ideas generate? Krauthammer writes about killing a child. He conflates fetus with child. They are eminently different. Charles is a medical doctor and a lawyer. He knows the meanings of the words he uses but he can’t acknowledge the difference between fetus and child? Between un-born and born? Between not living and alive? Between government or the woman making decisions about her own body?

Krauthammer should be leading the charge to protect women from society, from the culture, from the horror of imprisonment by her own body and from the imperfect Roe v Wade decision which should be expanded to give the woman control of the decisions for the full term -and from himself.    

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