Yes, it’s true, in the spirit of the USSR, the traditions of the KGB, the GRU, the Kremlin and all of the other government ministeries of propaganda, Obama Girl, Nancy Pelosi Photo-shopped four people into a photo. She got caught so she did what most government operatives do, she came up with a reason for her distorted photo. We call that lying. 

Look, we know all governments distort the news. Doesn’t matter where or when or even why governments try to trick people by using propaganda, the point is Pelosi is a major player in American government, some say she was more important than Hillary because Hillary couldn’t pass HillaryCare but Pelosi passed ObamaCare. Here are the “before” and “after” photo’s with FOUR more people added into the before photo, just like the Propaganda Minstry used to do it in the old USSR.

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