Colin Powell was so popular as George W. Bushes Secretary of State that he was often mentioned as a candidate for President.  Ever wonder why  Colin Powell didn’t want to run for President? Insider Republicans knew he was a Democrat. Powell finally came out of the closet and supported President Obama. Both share African American Firsts. Powell was the first Afro-Caribbean American to serve on the Joint Chief’s of Staff. Powells parents were both Jamaican. Obama is the first African American President. Good for them. They overcame a  lot to achieve their success but the re-endorsement doesn’t pass the smell test.

The problem is knowing why Powell supported Obama. His political ad was a surprise. Powell endorsed Obama in 2008. Powell is certainly entitled to endorse anyone. Coming out for Obama just days before the end of the 2012 race means Obama is desperate and Powell is in the tank for Obama. Powell’s endorsement in 2008 was understandable but not in 2012. Powell should have thought about Obama’s anti-military budget cuts, the $16 trillion debt, the bad green company payments, the wall street and the bank bailouts and especially the Benghazi cover-up by Obama before re-endorsing Obama. Powell is certainly an honorable man. It’s just that his re-endorsement knowing Obama’s awful record including cutting the military makes Powells re-endorsement smell of dirty politics at their worst. Like the stink from the skunk, this smells of a stinky sell-out of the military by Powell.  He should re-think his re-endorsement and take it back.

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