There’s something in the air that’s causing the deaths, .. murders really by what is hoped are rogue police who somehow are approved for law enforcement when it’s them we need protection from.. Hope you are never in a confrontation that involves people like these. From 2009 to 2019, ten years there were 128, 401, 137, 199, 849, 635,  343, 608, 172, 297 individuals killed by police for a total of 3.769 individual people killed by police but not all police departments report such data. It could be as high as 12,400 over the above ten years. Some were armed. Some protested. All were killed by gunshot or some other means. Some were in the midst of committing crimes. Others were simply executed by what is hoped were over-excited reactions to the situations. It is hoped that the police involved were protecting themselves and/or others but it’s neither clear nor verified that was the case in every case.

The question repeats: Do the police need guns? The quick answer is the obvious one, … of course because there are really evil people among us. The more considered answer is yes, .. because there are really evil people among us. It has been said by American leaders that the protests are led by outside agitators… OK. They are still protest against the police because of the murder in plain sight by police officers who are supposed to protect people from being murdered, not act in such a way that they become murderers. And Floyd George was clearly murdered in plain sight. Should the riots stop? Obviously the rioters think not. Should the murders by coips stop? Of course but history and experience show they won’t.

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