Over the years, decades really during which I’ve written countless opinion pieces there are some people who have been able to wrongly use my data against me so I decided to remove temptation from their sight. The editor of a local newspaper who has since been given even greater responsibility decided to remove me from the editorial board after appointing me because of the clamor from idiots who were part of a great concentration of similiar idiots. The editor reconsidered his opinion and called me “a good man”. He didn’t do that lightly. He interviewed me over many hours. He reviewed by background, accomplishments and achievements along with some mistakes and mis-fires and drew his un-solicited conclusion. I’m happy with that. Why not? It was a good feeling to be judged and found to be OK. It’s far from something like a Nobel Peace Prize but is is a considered judgement from a man experienced in such judgements. But the evil ones are still among us and still evil so I cam to the conclusion to make their wrongness more difficult. Cum hoc ergo propter hoc… So be it.

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