Steve wrote a Letter to the Editor about the so-called “Lack of Civility” at Northampton’s public meetings. It was published in today’s Courier. He attributed Northampton’s incivility to a small group intent only on attacking Supervisor Rothermel. True. These few people play-act for the camera’s, camera’s they prohibited at the Sewage Board until supervisor Rothermel installed them down there. 

The out of power small group isn’t interested in making Northampton better. They have one purpose, to attack the majority supervisors. Their behavior has become so predictable it’s boring but the Republican Supervisor Candidates on whose behalf they are mounting their attacks are not running for anything positive. Their campaign is to continue to attack Supervisors Rothermel and Cunningham with innuendo, half truths. outright fabrications like “The Contamination of the Water Supply”, a dream up of The Contaminator”; out of context quotes and a general hostile campaign instead of the positive campaign that Northampton voters deserve.

These are bitter and warped people. they were successful for 200 years because they were able to hide their activities but they’ve been outed and their underhandedness can be seen at every Supervisor meeting.

Channeling Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive  out hate; only being a voter can do that.

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