It’s almost impossible to change calcified minds. The brain needs nimbleness but some people atrophy their intellect. The brain stops. Emotions overcome thought. Ferguson results.

Can Ferguson be fixed? Sure and it will be but it will take time. The best of intentions won’t work. Well meaning effort is insufficient. Some people won’t change their minds. Too bad. Until Ferguson is a footnote the Rage will go on. Too bad.

The Ferguson Fix is Commerce; the polar opposite of the welfare state. Michael Brown was killed because he inverted commerce into license to law-break. Did his father, mother and supporters fail to teach the rules of Buy-Sell to this unfortunate young man who was failed by the community?

Insufficient Commerce is proven by noting that half of Ferguson’s homes are rentals. Ferguson is about 70% black. There are an amazing number of jobs in Ferguson. But Ferguson students fail to accept the free education. It’s the students, not the teachers who fail. The books are available. The lessons are identical to students who are high achievers and neither primary or secondary school is difficult. But doing well in school is the opposite of the Ferguson message.

The major problem in Ferguson are the dividers and anarchists who want to continue to destroy America by fomenting racial difference where non exists. They need to get out of Ferguson. Obama and Holder are part of this group. They failed Michael Brown when their strong racial bias began to get national attention. Obama’s condemnation of the Cambridge police by calling them “stupid” in the case of professor Gates helped set the attitude that was picked up by Brown as he watched Obama strut so Brown imitated Obama and swaggered through his short life.

Obama’s true character was blurted out during the belligerent Professor Gates affair. It’s been visible, often risible, ever since.

The fix for Ferguson begins with Obama. His mind and attitudes towards America and Americans need to hit the reset button. His baggage from his Kenyan father and his Marxist mom must be jettisoned ASAP. His rage needs to be dampened down by replacing his abnormal and wrong ideology with the virtues and values of normal Americans. The Ferguson Fix begins with Obama. Racial harmony is all over America. Cultural harmony is too but within the race hustler markets their wallets drive the division which bootstraps their wallets. As they leave the stage America will get on with being American again.

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