The President has power over ALL Americans, not just black people. He violated that power and Congress should sue him for his violations. He’s biased. He’s a bigot and he needs to be held accountable and he needs to stop. Ticker tape parade the instant this guy leaves office.

Ditto for sidekick Eric Holder, the Attorney General who has the duty to protect All citizens, not just bangers.

Together their behaviors while in office are atrocious. Under color of law they are accountable to each and every citizen but they have failed to protect most Americans. 42 USC §1982 is the Civil Rights Act that gives citizens the power to judge government officials when even one of their civil rights are violated by any government worker including the President.

Both men are immune from punishment but not from judgment. A judge can rule that they violated their duty because they were in power. 42 USC §1982 will be invoked by Obama and Holder to prosecute Police Officer Darren Wilson. Wilson can sue mutatis mutandis. Anyone can.

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