Obama lives in a bubble. His isolation is evident in his book. Obama has a long list of grievences against white people in his book. He attacks by generalities, not specifics. Specific charges of racism are not in his book but he felt slighted because white people did not treat him well enough for him to be comfortable, ergo he believes he has proven racism. He widens his feeling of slights to all black people and to brown people but he has no information about the feelings of slights from white people. Never mind he was elected President – twice – mostly by white people, or that the majority of people over whom he rules are white. Obama ignores those facts.

Is America a racist nation? What are the criteria to condemn an entire nation for their views? Are the criteria found in, say, South Africa? Saudi Arabia? India? China? Here’s something that seems shocking for a racist nation to have done. America elected a black man president –  twice. How can the Obama’s still believe America is a racist nation? Here’s something else that’s shocking. America is proud of itself for electing a black man to be president.

So the the conclusion of the Obama’s about America – that America is racist – is clearly wrong.

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