It’s in his book. He believes Blacks fail because Whites not only succeed but purposely make Blacks fail.

That’s a pretty serious charge, right? Let’s see what Obama wrote.  Chapter 7 is titled “Race”. Obama believes the white race needs to acknowledge what he calls a “debt”.  Here’s where his intellect drives him in wrong directions. Obama wrote specifically about a debt Bill Clinton owed to Rosa Parks. Page 271, 12. A debt? Something Clinton did against Black people that he has to pay for it? Notice how un-specific Obama is.

This is a favorite trick used by Democrats to smear people.  It is the purposeful misuse of a word to mean something different. Debt means money owed. A debt is a pejorative smear unless there is money owed. In the case of Rosa Parks, whose funeral opens Obama’s chapter on race, Obama is not specific about the debt. You are supposed to know what he means. His meaning seems to be: White people owe black people a debt. That’s a central tenent of the American race hustle. Racism is a doctine for brutes. Blacks have learned from the Democrats how to smear people who oppose their mis-guided principles. Obama is their present leader. He truely, wrongly, knbows that white people owe black people because white people had black slaves. Note the lack of specificity. Who had the slaves? What’s the amount of the debt? But the inuendo’s  are suffiicient to smear all white people and make white people feel guilty because some white people somewhere in the distant past , some of the white people had black slaves. So did. as a matter of history, black people in Africa. Today, Mali, an African nation a bit larger than Texas, has black slaves owned and used by black people.

But no living white person in America ever had a slave. No living black American was ever a slave. So what – exactly, – is the debt? In fact there is no debt at all. In fact, the reverse is true. Black Americans owe white Americans that which they can never repay. Not that the Democrats who rule and run America would ever acknowledge what they have stolen and continue to steal from America. One measure of the debt owed to America by the Democrats is $16 Trillion, the amount of the National Debt which is a real debt racked up by the Democrats and their fellow travellers as they instituted government programs that have cost America far too much for far too little and for which they had no choice but to obey because government forced them to pay.  Obama is merely another in a long line of race hustlers and he’s not too good at it as Michelle who it seems, continues to blame white people for black people.

Unfortunately, a free press doesn’t mean a truthful press. The press is free to lie, propagandize, spin, & censor alternative ideas as the Democrat controlled American free press proves.

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