Talked to a mortician who knows about death.

Heroin / Opium. They cause a coma. People die from a coma. Some heroin is “dirty”, infected by the maker. It causes the shakes.  Herion users are addicted. Even after withdrawal the craving continues. We just came from the funeral of a 20 year old. All nice and cleaned up in the coffin. A 20 year old who died inside his room at the rehab center during his fourth week, fully detoxed, at the rehab center. It’s over for him. Everything about him is poof – gone.

Anti-depressants can cause the heart to “vibrate” or “quiver” instead of beating.  Blood stops flowing. The body dies. It’s not a heart attack like it’s usually reported. It’s a heart arrhythmia, a de-synchronization, from which the body easily recovers but in a drug induced state the body cannot recover and Poof – Dead

Pain meds stop the automatic responses the body uses to recover from little things. A little cough that can clear the windpipe can’t be done. A cough, a little clearing of the throat but it can’t be done by the anesthesized body, a little thing becomes fatal.

Drugs are a very easy way to get a ride to a morgue. There’s no wake-up from dead. Your body doesn’t come back. There’s no recovery from dead. It all stops. You go to sleep forever. Everybody will be here except you. Dead is final. Don’t do drugs.

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