Kelly continues to savage Trump along with her puppets Chris Stirewalt and Steve Hayes. She and they were busy tarting for Marco Rubio while covering the Nevada Caucus results. Embarrassed? Not at all, -these intellectual impostors droned on about how great Rubio was while the screencrawl was showing Trump trouncing Rubio 45% to 25%. As an aside, why did Kelly copy Rachel Maddow’s hair? Is she pandering to  Maddow’s LGBT audience who Kelly, a staunch militant anti-LGBT Pope Francis wickedly opposes? Does Kelly know Maddow and her share or shared the same Roman Catholicism? 

FOX also handled Sarah Palin poorly. Trump did the right thing. He flew his 757 up to Alaska and invited Palin onstage. Palin wowed the crowd in her usual over-the-top outsider manner, moose meat and all. The crowd and Trump loved it.

Donald is loving the campaign, the people and the excitement. He seems to have a genius sixth sense about people, more than Bill Clinton who should advise his wife to exit the race or take her chances with being indicted if she wins, which she cannot do because of her off-putting manner that stops her from connecting with real people. Lets wave goodbye and good riddance.

FOX is currently out of touch with their base because of Kelly. She and they as well as the GOP need to get back together for their own sakes. America will be better with peace between FOX and Trump so he can get on with the real problems of the world, …like negotiating with Putin and the cultural enrichers of the Middle East.

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