After reading the dramatic Guest Opinion piece on Feb. 18 by Maya van Rossum, I could almost hear the pounding of the boots of the Hessian soldiers going over the Headquarters Road bridge. But then I cama back to the real world. The new tax on our vehicle registration is for Bucks County bridges. Then it came into focus. The county’s elected leaders talked to Maya von Rossum and realized huge sums of money must be taken to fund the never-ending opposition to everything.

That PennDOT is doing what we pay it to do — build safe, modern bridges at a reasonable cost — is shocking to those who find fault with everything. The new bridge would have been built years ago but for the “we have a better idea” crowd.

Perhaps PennDOT could contract for one-quarter scale sample bridges. Three should be more than enough.

We the fee (tax) payers of Bucks County deserve a fair deal. The state and county take our money to finance PennDOT. Let PennDOT do the job we pay for.
Joseph L. Gallagher

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