1. Find a “clean”, recovered ex-user and ask for help
  2. Admit your habit
  3. Figure out how your habit controls you and mis-directs you 
  4. Vow to change

Simple? Of course not. Some drug users can’t stop. Eventually the price of drug use is paid, The brain is hurt. The body is hurt. The mind is hurt. That’s the price of mis-using drugs, alcohol, tobacco and any chemical. The body dies sooner. 

The attraction is immediate pleasure. The first casulty is the mind. The first effect of each of the four harmful substances is a false perception – a dream state where the dream, the hallucination is false because the mind cannot tell the difference between real or imagined without references in the real world, the conscious world, references that are compromised, references that are not available,  to tell the difference. Over time each relapse is very small but the first effect of a mind-altering substance is the wrong re-programming of the mind and eventually the price is paid.

For more info check out “Stop a Drug Habit”, “Cure For Drug Addiction” and “Learning How to Do Drugs” further down this newsletters topics.

Good Luck. You’re in a fight for a better life. If you really screw up, you’re dead.

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