Not JFK, his nephew Robert F. Kennedy Jr. RFKJ has gone round the bend. That’s the only explanation I can come to even though Kennedy is rich beyond imagination, even though his family is among the most famous in history, he comes to some very wrong conclusions. For example, he believes and advertises that the media is dominated by Fox News. That’s wrong. The print media is dominated by the New York Times, a terribly left-wing newspaper. Oprah, the View, Stephen Colbert and most TV is Liberal. Movies are so left-wing that it’s always a surprise to find a non-left-wing actor, actress, story, plot or documentary. But Kennedy is worse than most left-wingers. He doesn’t understand the media when he talks about the right wing media. (Here).

Out of touch? He is, RFK Jr. is a – quote: “Master Falconer”. How many people are that? He’s never, ever, been poor – or even middle class. He’s led a protected life in a bubble. His uncle Teddy drove off a bridge and into history with the liberal support of the cover-up at Chapaquiddik. His Other uncle, JFK bedded Marilyn shile cosnsorting with Jackie. How does RFKJ know about “The Right Wing Media”? Although he may listen to Rush and be fascinated by Rush, Hannity and Ann Coulter, they are not the right wing media. The media in America are left wingers. the media in Europe are left-wingers  as is the media all over the world. Why is the media Left Wing? Because it’s dominated by the most successful false philosophy, the elevation of society (the Left)  over the individual.

Everyone who has studied the American Constitution understands the American way is the protection of the individual. That’s passe to the Liberal – Left – Marx run world but unfortunately America’s protection of the Individual from other individuals, from groups, states and nations is the only proper reason for the existence of government. Obama is, unfortunately supported by intelletual scoundrals like RFKJ who seek to divide to conquer. Community Agitators may get elected President but once in office they should become Community Uniters. Neither RFKJ nor Obama have that ability. Perhaps Obama will change but there’s no evidence he wants to lead more than part of the nation.  

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