Four Million out of 313 million. Not much of a victory. Yes, a victory, but it’s going to prove how wrong Obama is for America as the divisions in the coutry increase in many ways.

Obama exploits the same people as Marx. The so-called prolitariat, i.e., the middle class and the poor, also called the welfare class. Food stamp usage increasing because of the wrong-headed policies of Obama. Judge him by any measure, he failed. Judge him by the decreasing quality of life; his failure to increase the net jobs; his utter failure to stop the reckless spending of government; his failure to stop the decline in medical services; failure all around; division increasing and the shrillness of the national dialog getting higher.

All because 1.3% of the people ruined America for the other 99%. (100 minus 1.3 is 98.7, rounds off to 99) The tail is wagging the dog. Faster and worsely.

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