Not much of a victory, was it?

No Show Voters are those who are eligible to vote but didn’t. Seventy two per cent of the people who could have voted, didn’t vote.

Obama won by 4 million votes. The population is 313 million so one out of every 77 people did not elect Obama. Out of every 78 people who walk past you, only one caused Obama to win. Romney and Obama both received 60 million votes but Obama received 4 million more. Obama’s Margin of Victory was 4 million divided by the 64 million who voted. That’s 3.6% of the total who voted. It’s only 1.3% of the total population. 

The number of people who could have voted is 233 million. Only 64 million,  28%, actually voted for Obama. Seventy two percent of the people who could have voted, 72%, – didn’t vote.

What a disgrace.


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