The only place on Planet Earth that should not have a Race-War is America but thanks to nit-wit, ignorant Race-Illiterate America-Haters like The President, America now has one. Two cops dead in NYC. Whites and Asians murdered by roving Black-Gangs, murders that are routinely not reported by the Press in obsequious disregard of the truth helped fuel Black-Rage where peace should reign. Pity.

Being half black does not make the President an authority on race. In the alternative, it desensitized him to the ideas of Race Neutrality, Race Justice and a proper kind of life among different raced people. For a good example, look to Japan, a country that is almost 100% Japanese that turned hatred into almost nothing after WWII.

Do the black Americans have grievances? That’s a race-baiting question that should never be asked in America. Do white people have advantages in America? Not as many as black people do in Africa. In fact some very wrong thinking white Americans are at fault in a sense in assisting non-white Americans on increasing the amount of non-whites. Proof? Go to a movie. Watch TV. Notice the percentages of non-whites used in those industries in disregard of the population at large and try to prove white Americans have advantages.

Is there an explanation for the murder of two NYC policemen by a Black Murderer? No. Are there causes that explain it? No. Nothing sensible explains why a black American would shoot two cops as they sat in a patrol car not entering his life in the slightest. The murderer had a duty to treat the police properly, not murder them. The people who acted against the normal way for people of different races to act towards each other are culpable. People who agitate the community as the President, the Attorney General and Al Sharpton in particular share in whipping up the wrong kinds of human behaviors. The gunman pulled the trigger but a lot of people who should know better helped put the ideas into his head and the gun into his hands.

Two innocent police are dead. It should end here. It should end now. The President needs to step up and admit his rhetoric; his ideas and his speeches helped inflame Americans. The man is a race-ignoramus who is steeped in the wrong racial paradigm. He needs to change. Millions of Liberals like him need to change. He should return the Nobel Prize. He’s ignoble.

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